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Music For Love Foundation

Hi. This is ANAKHEMIA.

I thought I needed to make my first million to start a foundation.
I realized and decided that all I needed was my creativity and resourcefulness.
So here is (drumroll…🥁) the Music For Love Foundation.
It’s been my desire to support orphan children who can be financially disadvantaged to pursue music. The Music For Love Foundation will strive to provide music skills in any area of the child’s interest using 2.1% of my own personal earnings. The sponsorship will support any music activity of the child’s choice – whether they want to learn singing, to play the piano, DJing or whatever else!                                                     
Making the decision to start the foundation regardless of self-created conditions has renewed my motivation and ambition to work with grit and determination & include more of my heart, mind and soul in my endeavours because when I grow I create opportunities for another being to grow and in turn the circle grows to pass this gift of support to another tomorrow. This isn’t an act of charity but a social responsibility upon us all because no being is ever truly “self-made”. We are where we are because someone decided consciously or unconsciously through the mercy of The Great Architect to give us an opportunity – this is true for all of us no matter who we are.
Get in touch on if you have identified an orphan child with an interest in learning music in any part of the world who can use a little bit of our love.
If you’re a musician / DJ / music producer in any capacity and would like to get involved in tutoring an identified child locally in your area (paid gig, of course!), I’d love to hear from you and grow our circle with more power and love. Here’s to bringing a little bit of love in a child’s life because what are we if don’t love and what is the world without music…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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