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Hi. My name is ANAKHEMIA and I play electronic mind-body music. I’m a Live Controllerist // DJ // Music Producer.

I perform and produce with the vision to inspire dialogue in the human psyche through the method of musical storytelling.

Quantum // Metaphysics, sound manipulation and Minimal Art excite me. These inspirations in some sense informs my working process and therefore my music can be expected to flow through a variety of sonic textures that are raw, evocative, cinematic and avant-garde.

Growing up between places, my formative childhood years were spent in Saudi Arabia. I’m a TCK through and through and I find the notions of conformity, belonging and identity very illusionary and dangerous ideas that reflect in the versatile sound of my music and DJ sets.

As a DJ I have played gigs in the Middle East, Asia and Ibiza.

I was shortlisted at the UK Songwriting Contest, 2013, judged by top Grammy, Emmy, CMA and Brit Gold and Platinum award-winning producers and artists for my song, ‘Run Into The Wild,’ in the lyrics category. This gave me the confidence I needed to pursue music production which was a dream goal for me.

In August 2015, I submitted my debut demo ‘The Prophecy’ to the Casablanca Records (sub label of Universal Music) demo contest where I received positive acclaim from the label’s A & R executives and scored one of the highest plays among the submissions peaking in the Top 5 positions.

I decided to self-release my debut track, ‘The Prophecy’ in November 2015 which ended up receiving support from press and veterans in the electronic dance music industry such as the Techno Originator – Juan Atkins (which was dream-like for me!), André Winter, Discwoman and many more.

Sometimes, my artistic persona is deployed as a messenger for the contingent at Mothership 1711 orbiting in Galaxy RA, the first output of this transmission was my debut track ‘The Prophecy’.

The music video for ‘The Prophecy’ was selected for display at ‘Techno & the City’ art exhibition hosted by Techno & Philosophy and Fiumano Art Gallery in London in November 2016, where it shared space with pioneering visual artists who’ve collaborated with Techno music legendaries like Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills and many more.

I was also recently nominated in the Best Electronic Act, 2017 category by Radio Wigwam, U.K.

Currently, I am working on music and film score productions inspired by the position of technology in music and pop-culture, while remaining curious about the influence of electronic music on human behaviour.

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