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[wvc_typed text_alignment=”center” font_weight=”700″ speed=”100″ text=”THE KEEPERS OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF PLANET EARTH (RAPHAELIUM ARCHEIA)”]
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[wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”CHECK OUT – Hunzed, Yosh (ANAKHEMIA remix)” duration=”4:57″ buy_url=”” itunes_url=””][/wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_testimonial_slider][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Remix is my fav“” name=”PAUL HAZENDOCK (MANUAL MUSIC)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Pretty Cool“” name=”HORSE MEAT DISCO”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“….XX”” name=”DAMIAN LAZARUS (CROSSTOWN REBELS)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Good track!“” name=”GREG FENTON (DMC)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“ANAKHEMIA mix is tight!”” name=”LOMEZ (BETTER ON FOOT)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“ANAKHEMIA mix for me!”” name=”HOLOSOUND (BE.AT TV)”][/wvc_testimonial_slider]
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[wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”link” title=”The Prophecy” duration=”5:32″ itunes_url=”″ amazon_url=”″ googleplay_url=”” buy_url=”” video_url=””][/wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_testimonial_slider][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“AMAZING.” ” name=”JUAN ATKINS (METROPLEX RECORDS)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“I love the fact that the music is DARK and that the video nearly gives me a historical feeling, as in – WHAT HAPPENED? …. The use of strong images / video really sucked me into history. It is so fast and intense that it kept me locked….” ” name=”JOHN WITSENBURG (SOLID MUSIC SUPPORT; FEDDE LE GRAND)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“….Love the track!”” name=”DISCWOMAN”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”

“I must say, the first minute I watched it I was shocked. It reminds me of some avant-garde groups of the 80’s, who also showed this style…video clips mixed with a driving groove. I like that very much.” ” name=”AXEL ERBSTOESSER (TRAUM SCHALLPLATTEN)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Love it!”” name=”NICK TERRANOVA (STARKILLERS) “][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“Listened and watched the video, and I really like it!”” name=”TOBY RICKETTS (BEST NEW ZEALAND EMERGING FILMMAKER 2014 – DOCUMENTARY EDGE FESTIVAL)”][/wvc_testimonial_slider]

[wvc_video_opener caption_position=”bottom” video_url=”” caption=”Watch “THE PROPHECY“” duration=”5:32″]


[wvc_testimonial_slider slideshow_speed=”1000″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“ ‘The Prophecy’ has dropped at what feels like a significant turning point for us. The question is, what happens next?”” name=”DIGITIZED GRAFFITI “][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“…A superb techno track devoted to sending a strong message for Planet Earth and the Human Race using manipulated radio frequencies.”” name=”MY CUP OF TECH”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“…A true artist with a true vision, that is undeniable…but I think that the music may create a bit more of an angst. What you’re doing is extremely important and could ignite a real change. You will make a difference if you continue on the path you’re on, it’s inevitable. Keep up the good work. You’re killin’ it. “” name=”MADELINE DONEGAN (THE EDM NETWORK)”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“…clearly ANAKHEMIA is committed to sending a strong message to our planet, while taking a close look at the world today…“ ” name=”SUBKLTR”][/wvc_testimonial_slider]

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